Rules for Tenants

The following rules are the responsibility of every tenant and failure to follow these rules could result in non-compliance fines and/or termination of your lease.




  • Tenants must pay rent on time via cashiers-check, money order or via the PayLease on-line payment program. Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Late penalties will apply thereafter.
  • If your account becomes delinquent, tenant is responsible for costs of collection, in addition to late fees, rents and other amounts due to the property owner or Realty Ambassadors.
  • When your lease expires, the tenant is obligated to pay rent until the house keys, gate keys/remotes, mailbox keys, cable TV box key, irrigation box key, pool keys and garage door opener remotes have been physically returned to Realty Ambassadors. Leaving the keys or remotes in the premises is not considered a return of the keys.


  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the property AND in front of the entrances to the property. In the event there is evidence of smoke odor, the expense to remove the odor is the financial responsibility of the tenants.
  • Tenants must follow the rules and regulations outlined by the governing HOA and CCR’s of the community in which their leased property exists. Click here for the HOA and CCR information for your community.
  • Tenant cannot change the locks or install a deadbolt lock. Tenant is responsible for all costs related to replacing unreturned keys or remotes.
  • Tenant will conduct themselves (and other persons on the premises with their consent) in a manner that will not disturb the neighbor’s peaceful enjoyment of the premises.


Additional Occupants and Pets

  • Only the persons included in the lease contract may occupy the premises without   prior written approval by Realty Ambassadors.
  • Tenant agrees not to keep or permit any pets on the premises without prior written consent of Realty Ambassadors.

 Property Maintenance

·     Pest control services (including problems with birds) must be utilized when any type of pest problem exists. All pest control services are the financial responsibility of the tenants.

·     Carpets are to be professionally shampooed/steam cleaned (NO Chem-dry) each year upon renewal of your lease OR when the tenant vacates the property. The carpets must be cleaned prior to surrendering keys to Realty Ambassadors. You must turn in your receipt for carpet cleaning services to Realty Ambassadors upon lease renewal or termination of the lease.

·     All windows must be cleaned both inside and out, prior to surrendering the property to Realty Ambassadors.

·     Tenants shall perform regular maintenance of the landscaping including (but not limited to):

o         Properly watering and mowing the grass

o         Trimming trees and shrubs,

o         Removing weeds and trash

·     Tenants shall insure that the landscaping is trimmed and groomed upon surrender of the property to Realty Ambassadors.

·     Tenant must maintain driveways and parking areas free from oil and grease.

·     Tenant must check the smoke alarm batteries annually and replace them as needed. If the smoke alarms are defective, the tenant must notify Realty Ambassadors immediately.

·     Tenant must properly maintain the air conditioning unit by replacing the filter every 30 days.

·     The tenant must report all necessary repairs to Realty Ambassadors immediately.

·     Tenant shall not make any alterations or improvements without the prior written consent of Realty Ambassadors. The property owner and Realty Ambassadors will not pay for unauthorized repairs.

·     Tenant must maintain pools and spas in clean, chemically balanced condition at all times.

·     Tenant must provide appropriate climate control, keep the premises clean and take other measures to retard and prevent mold and mildew from accumulating. Failure to turn on and maintain the utilities at the unit will be grounds for termination of the Residential Lease Agreement.


For further details on any of these rules and regulations, please review your lease agreement or contact Realty Ambassadors at



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