Frequently Asked Questions for Renters

If my credit is bad will my application be approved/disapproved?

Property owners review each application with all information provided taken into consideration. Many applicants have experienced credit related issues like foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, etc. If you have credit related issues it is best to be upfront and include a letter of explanation with your application for the decision making process. Credit history will be reviewed in comparison to current income, previous rental history and criminal history.

Are pets allowed? Will the owner consider allowing me to rent if I have a pet?

Some property owners will allow pets at the property with some additional requirements such as increased deposit amount and required renter's insurance policy. Some owners however may be restrictive on breed and size. Some owners prefer no pets whatsoever. It is important to list all of your pets info and if you desire to have a pet in the property on the application so we can have a complete review of your file prior to processing.

 When will I know if my applications have been approved?

To ensure a timely processing of your application, please make sure to include all required information on your application. Delays in processing are usually because an employer is unable to be reached for verification quickly or a previous landlord is unable to be contacted. There may be some circumstances where we request that you contact your employer or landlord to help expedite processing. If you have the last 30 days of pays-tubs from your employment available, please include these with your application as this can assist with "speeding up" the processing time as well. Our goal in processing is to have a response to you within 24- 72 business hours. However, we cannot ever guarantee time frames as each situation is different.

If I decided to not move forward with my application after submitting it, or my application is declined, will I get my application fee back?

No, application fees are non refundable from the time that processing begins on your application. If you decide to not move forward with a property, it is important to let Professional Property Management know right away. In the same regard, we will advise you or your agent if your application is declined in a timely manner so you are informed promptly.

Once my application is approved, then what happens?

Congratulations! Once you've been approved, you or your agent will be notified and the earnest deposit for the property will be required. This will hold the property for you until your move in date. This deposit is non-refundable as the home will be taken off the market for you. This deposit is used as a credit towards your remaining move in costs that are due upon move in. Earnest deposits must be paid in certified funds and once this is received, we'll schedule your move in date for your convenience.

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